Johan Oomen: "User-centric approaches to annotating and presenting the audiovisual memory of the Netherlands"

Christos Papatheodorou: "Evaluation of Cultural Heritage Digital Collections: The DiLEO Perspective"

Jaap Kamps: "Searching Digital Heritage: Putting IR Evaluation in Context"

Keynotes Speakers

Johan Oomen

Drs. Johan Oomen is head of the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision R&D Department and researcher at the Web and Media group of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

He is mainly working on externally (FP7, ICT-PSP, CATCH) funded research projects that focus on providing access to digital heritage on the web such as Europeana V1.0 or PrestoPRIME. He holds a BA in Information Science and an MA in Media Studies and is a member of the Webstroom expert group (on the use of streaming media in higher education) funded by the SURF Foundation and General Secretary of the international DIVERSE network. He has worked for the British Universities Film and Video Council (London) and the RTL Nederland (Hilversum).

Christos Papatheodorou

Christos Papatheodorou is an Associate Professor at the Department of Archives and Library Sciences, Ionian University, Corfu, Greece and a fellow researcher in the Digital Curation Unit, Institute for the Management of Information Systems, "Athena" Research Centre, Athens, Greece. 

He holds a BSc and a PhD in Computer Science from the Department of Informatics, Athens University of Economics and Business. His research interests include digital library evaluation, metadata interoperability, Web 2.0 technologies, user modeling and personalization. He has participated in the program committee of various international conferences and workshops, was general co-chair of the 13th European Conference on Digital Libraries and organized the tutorial "Exploring Perspectives on the Evaluation of Digital Libraries", in line with the 14th European Conference Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries (ECDL 2010).

Jaap Kamps

Jaap Kamps is an Assistant Professor of Information Retrieval at the Faculty of Humanities, University of Amsterdam. His research deals with various aspects of Information Retrieval, Evaluation and Storage.

He is involved in several externally  funded research projects like v-must (Virtual Museum Transnational Network), README (Retrieving Encoded Archival Descriptions More Effectively), EfFoRT (Effective Focused Retrieval Techniques), MuSeUM (Multiple-collection Searching Using Metadata) and  worked for MultiMATCH (Multilingual/Multimedia Access To Cultural Heritage).

In the past he participated in evaluation initiatives like INEX (INitiative for the Evaluation of XML Retrieval) and IR evalaution workshops such as: EntertainMe2011: SIGIR 2011 Workshop on "entertain me": Support Complex Search Tasks, SIMINT2010: SIGIR 2010 Workshop on Simulation of Interaction Automated Evaluation of Interactive IR or IREVAL 2009: SIGIR 2009 Workshop on the Future of IR Evaluation.