The collection used for all 3 tasks in this lab is Europeana (, a large digital library, museum and archive, which provides access to over 20 million cultural heritage objects. The documents in the Europeana collection are metadata records consisting of brief descriptions of the object (title, keywords, description, date, provider) and occur in multiple languages. An XML-formatted dump of all Europeana metadata objects (from March 2012) will be made available (via research license) to the participants.

For experimental purposes, the Europeana collection will be divided into 3 subcollections according to metadata languages (i.e. language of metadata object provider), so that some control over the language of documents for the relevance assessments can be asserted.

For further information please read the Guidelines for Participation and Submission. If you have any questions contact Vivien Petras.

The collections are available via

English collection: all Europeana documents with English metadata records.
French collection: all Europeana documents with French metadata records.
German collection: all Europeana documents with German metadata records.
Europeana collection: the complete Europeana collection with all metadata records.